Vans Video Vault

The Vans Video Vault! Keeping you up-to-date with what the Vans South Africa crew are up to.

Vans ZA welcomes T-Kay and Wynand

The official welcome edit for T-Kay Modise and Wynand Herholdt.

Durban July 2017

The Vans ZA squad went to Durban in July to get footage for various projects, here’s some clips they gathered in KZN.

State of Emergency Tour

Follow the Vans South Africa skate team on a trip to Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa. A mystical place of good and evil. An epic 7-day skateboarding journey that is about much more than the actual act of riding, bound to make them realize how even if you have a little, you still have a lot more than some.

House of Vans – Johannesburg

In celebration of 50 Years of Vans, Vans South Africa joined forces with Baseline Skate Shop for a special skate event at the Johannesburg House Of Vans pop-up space. An obstacle was designed and created in tribute to classic downtown JHB skate spot ‘Angle Banks’. The ‘cash for tricks’ skate jam saw some of JHB’s finest rolling alongside the Vans SA crew.

Small Town Syndrome Tour

The Vans South Africa skate team hit the road in search of spots in small towns scattered across the country’s interior.


The first South African Vans skate team video, released in 2016.